Rich Gorsky



I've been a BHS member for 13 years, singing lead the entire time.   I hail from a town named Tolland in the quiet northeastern corner of Connecticut.  Currenly I reside in Montgomery County Maryland.  I'm not in any quartets.   The father of a high school classmate was playing a Sun Tones record when I was there and I wondered what it was, he told me but I did nothing more until 40 years later when a fellow choir member asked me if I'd ever sung acapella.  Favorite experience was winning our plateau at division and most improved chorus and qualifing for district for the first time all at the same time.   The chorus was two years old at the time.  I've sung in two other choruses including Germantown where I am currently a dual member.   I've held many board positions because I am not smart enough to say No!   I've been singing my whole life, in choruses, church choirs, talent shows, musicals etc.., it's been part of me for as long as I can remember.