The Singing Capital Chorus was formed in 1945 and has been actively performing and competing ever since.

A few  highlights


The Singing Capital Chorus sings for Inaugural Gala. The 91-man chorus performed for President Harry Truman’s Jan. 20 Inaugural Gala. Directed by Dr. Robert Howe Harmon, 10 million television viewers watched along with the highest officials in all branches of government. They shared the stage with Abbott and Costello, Edgar Bergen, Phil Harris, Alice Faye, Lum and Abner. Among the songs sung on the nation-wide TV broadcast was “Keep America Singing.”



First official International Chorus Contest winner. Following the popular experimental chorus contest of 1953, the 1954 chorus contest attracted a large audience and many additional convention registrations among the 23 competing choruses. The Society’s first official winner was the 72-man Singing Capital Chorus directed by Lew Sims.



The Singing Capital Chorus returns to the International stage in Louisville, Kentucky, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their winning of the first International Chorus Contest.  The chorus sang with the 2003 International Chorus Champion, the Vocal Majority, from Dallas Texas.



Still Singing short documentary. One of our members, Joe Grimme, produced this documentary in colaboration with WETA, as part of his MFA degree program at American University.  It highlights some of the reasons why men have joined our chorus and have contineud singing, in some cases for over 50 years.