SCC Greets the Dukes of Ellington

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On February 2nd, the SCC was graced by a visit from the Dukes of Ellington, their Director, Steven Allen and Mary Jane Ayers, Chair of the Vocal Music Department at the Ellington School of Music and the Arts. The 14 male high school singers showed us their exceptional talent and enthusiasm for singing in both choral and a cappella styles. Steven Allen combined his impressive musical and motivational talents with those of our director Bill Colosimo and associate director Sheryl Berlin, each of them directing the two individual ensembles and then all of us singing together.

The energy was high with chords ringing, even in warmup, and it’s impossible to say the Dukes or SCC had more fun, because we all did! As we wound up with a hearty round of refreshments, thanks to great work by SCC members, the singers and leadership of both organizations enjoyed enthusiastic conversation about how we hope to continue sharing our harmonies together. 

The Dukes with Steve Allen Sharing 


The youngest and oldest singers, Dante (13) and Fred (97) along with the Chapter Woodchuck (?)(well it was the day after Groundhog Day).

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