Guiding Principles


  1. The DC Chapter holds as its highest priority the ever-increasing quality of its performing ensembles, to provide satisfaction for singing members, the best possible performance experiences for patrons, and increased recognition in the community.
  2. Guests and members of the DC Chapter always feel welcome and are: acknowledged for their skills and interests; engaged in useful roles to benefit the Chapter's activities; included in as many musical activities as possible; and included in opportunities to celebrate the Chapter's and individuals' successes.
  3. The Chapter promotes and supports members' participation in musical and administrative leadership training opportunities.
  4. The Chapter promotes and supports non-performing activities which involve members and their families and friends to further grow our bonds of friendship.
  5. The Chapter identifies and participates in opportunities to provide service to our community, District, and Society, including: supporting vocal music education in schools and community organizations; charitable giving; participation in District, Society, and other chapters’ events.
  6. The Chapter seeks to align itself with other music organizations on a variety of levels, with an eye toward mutual understanding, growth and support.
  7. The Chapter maintains, and seeks to grow, a secure, stable financial footing.
  8. The Chapter places a high priority on effective communication to promote the Chapter and keep our members, families and patrons informed of our activity, taking advantage of as many traditional and innovative vehicles as possible.
  9. The Chapter Board is responsible for guiding the Chapter by these Principles,
  10. holding designated officers responsible for planning and day-to-day execution of goals and strategies related to them, thus allowing its primary focus to be on the long-term health and growth of the Chapter. Every effort is made to insure EVERY Chapter member plays a role in the accomplishment of at least one of these guiding principles.
  11. All decisions, actions and outcomes associated with Chapter activity are measured against their alignment to these Guiding Principles. If an activity or initiative undertaken by the Chapter does not directly affect these Principles in a positive way, the action or initiative should be modified or abandoned.

Last modified 10/17/12